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Solar Hot Water – free hot water on tap every day

Do you use a lot of hot water or do you just want to reduce your power bills?

Solar hot water delivers all the hot water you need and it cuts your power bill at the same time.

Cloudy days? Not a problem!

Even on cloudy days a Solahart solar hot water system will go on producing hot water so you’ll have hot water on tap every day.

And because your solar hot water system is being powered by the Sun you won’t be paying your local power company for the privilege of having hot water on tap whenever you need it.

Solar hot water systems for every situation

Solar hot water is the perfect solution and with over 60 different systems to choose from Solahart can match the perfect system for your situation.

Solahart has been producing solar hot water systems for over 60 years and with over a million satisfied customers across Australia  you can be sure that you will get the system that is right for you.

Installation that won’t break your budget

Government rebates and incentives are still available for the installation of solar hot water systems and Solahart has a simple interest-free plan that will let you spread your payments of 12 months.

Talk to us today and let us make it easy for you to save money and switch to solar hot water.

 So call us today for an obligation-free quote and
discover how easy it is to enjoy hot water … free from the sun

solar hot water

Shop 1/38 Tank Street

Gladstone Qld 4680

Phone: 07 4972 8001