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Welcome to Solahart Gladstone.

Solahart Gladstone is owned and managed by Ken and Viktoria Geissmann.

At Solahart Gladstone, we can help you future-proof your home’s energy needs. As suppliers and installers of solar hot watersolar powerbattery storage, and smart energy management technologies, we have all your needs covered.

This includes commercial solar power for organisations of all sizes ranging from small to medium businesses to larger energy users such as schools and hospitality venues.

Solahart has over 70 years of experience designing innovative, efficient and durable solar products for Australia. All our systems are installed by fully qualified, trained and experienced professionals, which means a trouble-free process and a product that will be connected safely and in accordance with industry guidelines. All our solar power installers are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited, and we are part of the CEC retailer code of conduct scheme.

We install only the best. Our high-quality solar hot water tanks, collectors and heat pumps are designed and manufactured by Solahart for the harshest Australian conditions. Our core solar power components are sourced from some of the very best suppliers in the world, such as SolarEdge, Enphase, GoodWe and Tesla.

We proudly serve Gladstone and surrounding region.

Ken and Viktoria Geissmann from Solahart Gladstone

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