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Solar Electricity – it’s right for your home. office.
factory or school

You can have solar electricity and still remain connected to your current provider.

Solar electricity … power free from the Sun … is suitable for any home, office, factory or school application. Solar electricity is scalable and it will not only save you money but make you money as well.

Solar electricity is free power from the Sun

With a Solahart solar electricity system  you will reduce your power bills because your dependency on your local power company will be reduced as you generate your own clean and green energy.

You can even make money with solar electricity because you can feed your excess power back into the grid and earn credits for the power your solar electricity system is generating for others.

Why wouldn’t you want to have electricity free from the Sun?

Solar power … whether it’s in the form of solar electricity or solar hot water is safe and very reliable. It also frees you from the shackles of enormous quarterly electricity bills and who doesn’t want to see the last of those?

Affordable power that pays for itself

Government incentives are still available for the installation of solar electricity systems  and when you deal with Solahart you know that you will get the system that’s right for your home, office, school or factory.

So start saving money and making money with a solar electricity system that will go on delivering power free from the sun for many years to come.

Don’t wait any longer call Solahart Gladstone today and start saving money!


Shop 1/38 Tank Street

Gladstone Qld 4680

Phone: 07 4972 8001